Do you know a Future Teaching Scholar?

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19 January 2019

We need more exceptional maths and physics students to inspire the next generation.

Every Future Teaching Scholar will share some values and beliefs with their fellow scholars.

We are looking for people who are exceptional students in their subject area and passionate about their subject. People who enjoy a challenge and can demonstrate a commitment to sharing their passion and knowledge with others. People who believe that they have the power to change lives – people who can make young minds explode into life!

People like Harvey Kemp, a Future Teaching Scholar, now in his third year of the programme:

"I am a physicist from the University of Warwick, and I was drawn to teaching as I wanted to inspire others with the same love of learning, intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for physics as I have. I have a passion for physics and to be able to teach the next generation about scientific breakthroughs throughout history and to give them the ability to understand future discoveries is an exciting concept."

Do you know a Future Teaching Scholar? We are currently accepting applications from students who plan to start universty in Autumn 2019. If you know someone that you think has got what it takes, let them know we are looking for them.


Have I got what it takes?

Have I got what it takes?

  • Are you passionate about maths or physics?
  • Do you enjoy solving problems?
  • Do you work well with other people?
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