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FTS update – Alumni Digest Autumn 2022

The session was also open to all Scholars set to begin ITT in September 2022. We received great feedback from these attendees who found the advice shared by our speakers helpful as they prepared to begin their first year in teaching.

Following this session, we created a series of visual resources including a playlist of highlight videos, mind-maps and a list of resources recommended by our speakers. You can find links to these S2S resources below.

FTS Summer S2S event resources

If you would be interested in speaking at future Scholar-to-Scholar sessions, contact Max Jones via

Introducing our new programme director

Nina Dhillon, FTS Programme Director

My name is Nina Dhillon, I am a Senior Education Adviser within Education Development Trust and have taken over the position of Programme Director for the Future Teaching Scholars Programme.

I joined Education Development Trust last year, and prior to this I held middle and senior leadership positions in schools. I subsequently worked for Teach First leading on the recruitment, training and development of Teacher Educators working with trainee teachers and, later, led on the implementation of the Teach First Early Career Framework.

I have heard wonderful things about your progress and achievements during your six years on the programme – a huge congratulations on your completion. Your role as a teacher is arguably more important now than ever. So, even on those days when you only get through half of what you wanted to, the wind has a strange effect on your class and you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle – remember: those who can, teach. Your work is invaluable – and for every bad day there will be many more good days.

I hope that your careers in this field continue to be filled with learning, overcoming challenges and successes. We wish you all the very best in the future.