Scholar Stories

Meet our Scholars

Will Finney

“The Future Teaching Scholars programme has been instrumental in preparing me for a successful career in teaching.”

Jaden Read

“I was promoted to Deputy Head of Maths at my school. […] If you think you’re ready, don’t let a lack of experience hold you back!”

Scholar Story

Kieran Betts

“The FTS programme allowed me to develop my teaching skills whilst spending time in the classroom as well as through the study modules.”

Felicia Hebbes

“I never expected I would be able to plan a 50-minute lesson in 2 hours, but now it feels natural to ask for opportunities to practice and learn”

Muhammed Uddin

“The most helpful part of being on the programme has to be the support that is always available, I know that come rain or shine if I needed help or support for whatever came my way, I could either contact my RTC or anyone on the FTS team and they would provide the assistance I needed.”

Katie Karran-Antrobus

“I think FTS has prepared me well. I think I’d have been much more nervous if I was thrown straight into it in September, having not been part of FTS.”

Hannah Ellison

“Teaching is the career I wish to pursue as it allows me to face new challenges on a day-to-day basis. I believe teachers have a huge responsibility and I would love to be part of this challenge.”

Jamie Morgan

“There has been so much support both in and out of the classroom meaning the apprehension I once had about being the teacher has gone”

Our Scholars are subject specialists

  • 3 years of teaching experiences in schools
  • committed to a career in teaching since before university
  • experienced in school-led research
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