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What undergraduate degree can I apply for to be eligible?

To be eligible to apply to the Future Teaching Scholars programme, you must plan to study a maths or physics related degree on a full-time basis at an English university over no longer than 3 years starting in Autumn 2018. Unfortunately, for applicants starting their university course in Autumn 2018, we cannot support deferral years.

If you plan to study a dual honours degree where you will combine one of the following approved courses with another subject, please contact us directly as your course choice may be eligible for the programme. Please note, your degree must comprise of at least 50% maths or physics modules.

Education related degrees are ineligible because the Future Teaching Scholars programme is in itself a new route into teaching. The elements offered in education degree courses overlap with learning content and teaching experiences provided throughout the Future Teaching Scholars programme.

If you are interested in applying to the Future Teaching Scholars programme, but are ineligible because you are planning to study a 4-year degree course, please email us at, and we will contact you if any changes are made to the programme which may affect your eligibility. Alternatively, you may wish to consider studying a 3-year course, on the basis that the Future Teaching Scholars programme does offer Scholars the opportunity to complete a postgraduate 60 credit Masters module with Durham University, involving a supervised independent study, which would count toward your total credits should you wish to study a Master's degree once you have completed your six years on the programme. Upon completion, you would be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate of Evidence in Education (PGCEiE).


G100 - Mathematics     (G100, G101, G102, G103, G150, G162, G1G3, GF13, GG13)

G200 - Operational Research

G300 - Statistics

H300 - Mechanical Engineering

G900 - Others in Mathematical and Computing Sciences


F200 - Materials Science

F300 - Physics     (F300, F301, F303, F325, F335, F342, F373, F3F5)

F500 - Astronomy

H100 - General Engineering

H200 - Civil Engineering

H300 - Mechanical Engineering

H400 - Aerospace Engineering

H500 - Naval Architecture

H600 - Electronic and Electrical Engineering

H700 - Production and Manufacturing Engineering

H900 - Others in Engineering

If your course does not appear on the approved list, and is maths or physics related, please contact us directly to confirm your eligibility.