Frequently Asked Questions

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I’ve heard about the Employer School application process – how does this work?

All schools interested in employing a Scholar must complete an application to do so. This process allows us to check that the school you are teaching in for your ITT year can provide a supportive and positive environment for you to train in. We work closely with the RTCs and your Employer School to make sure that everything goes smoothly during your ITT year. Schools that are interested in employing a Scholar share information including their most recent Ofsted inspection report, that is then sent to the nearest RTC that will consider and either approve or reject their application to become an Employer School.

There is nothing for you to complete here, the Employment Coordinator manages this process, however the school must become an approved Employer School before you can officially accept a job offer with them. Keep the Employment Coordinator, Kate Wastie, as up to date as possible with your applications to make this a smooth process.