Frequently Asked Questions

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How much can I earn as a teacher? What are my career prospects?

Teachers start on a salary of between £22k and £27k. Good teachers are in demand, and there are excellent employment prospects. Benefits of becoming a teacher include strong job security, a variety of career progression routes and immense job satisfaction – knowing that what you do makes a difference.

Currently, there are not enough maths and physics specialists in education – the Future Teaching Scholars programme is breaking the mould and will develop people to fill important roles in this area of education. The activities, events and development opportunities in the Future Teaching Scholars programme are designed to give you a great start in your career as an outstanding and inspiring teacher of maths or physics. In 10 years’ time you could be:

  • a physics specialist designing curricula across a chain of 50+ academies
  • a school-based teacher-researcher working with a thinktank or research foundation trialling interventions and teaching methods to boost pupils' mathematical understanding
  • a school adviser raising the quality of maths or physics teaching across the sector
  • a master teacher, whose model lessons are filmed and shown across the country as part of teacher training

Whichever career route you choose, we hope that you will be instrumental in the delivery and design of the maths or physics education of young people – giving them an opportunity to succeed.