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Can I do a Master's degree or study abroad year?

Unfortunately, for applicants starting their degree course in Autumn 2018, we cannot support a deferral year for a Masters or study abroad year. Your degree course must be studied on a full-time basis over no longer than 3 years.

The Future Teaching Scholars programme is a 6-year, full-time programme which comprises:

  • Years 1-3 Undergraduate study (£5,000 at the start of each academic year)
  • Year 4 Postgraduate employment-based teacher training (Paid on the unqualified teacher scale)
  • Years 5-6 Employed as a maths or physics teacher (Paid on the qualified teacher scale)

To study a 4-year degree course, you would need to defer your place on the Future Teaching Scholars programme by one year whilst you were completing your Masters or study abroad year. You would then be required to re-join the programme to complete your initial teacher training (ITT) year followed by 2 years in a teaching role. If you decided not to re-join the programme after your deferral year, you would need to pay back your grant, totalling £15,000, in full.

Scholars must apply for deferrals once they have joined the programme, and these will be considered on a case by case basis by the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL). NCTL have confirmed that studying a 4-year degree course for a Masters degree or course with a study abroad year are considered acceptable reasons for deferral and would therefore generally be approved. Please note, applications for a deferral year are only available for applicants starting their university degree in Autumn 2017.

An alternative option would be to continue your studies towards a Master's degree once you had completed your initial teacher training year in Year 4 of the programme. Once employed by a school, they may support you in continuing your studied whilst you work.

For study abroad placements which are included throughout your 3 year degree course, you would not be required to apply for a deferral, however you must be prepared to show that you are able to attend and complete all of the programme's required activities and events during the study abroad year. Whether this means travelling back to the UK throughout the year, or completing the majority of the activities in blocks at the end of terms, you must consider that activities must be scheduled during times in the year when schools are open. Please explain clearly on your application form whether your study abroad year would increase the length of your degree, or would be included throughout the 3 years.

If you are unsure whether your course would be eligible for support, please email the Future Teaching Scholars team for further advice -