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A Deputy Head’s experience

James Brookes from Brigshaw High School in West Yorkshire shares his feedback on employing our Scholars for their ITT year

The support of the Future Teaching Scholars programme continues after university graduation into the first three years of the Scholars’ teaching career. As our Scholars in Year 4 of the programme come to the end of Spring term of their Initial Teacher Training year, a Deputy Head shares his thoughts about his Scholars and the programme. 

James Brookes, from Brigshaw High School in West Yorkshire, has employed Jess and Ben since September 2019:

The process of employing a Future Teaching Scholar was straightforward. We attended the recruitment event and had a chance to get to know which Scholars would be the ‘best fit’ for our school. They visited the school and we set up an interview. Their interview day compromised of teaching a lesson to a small group of students, a student panel and a formal interview; through their school experience and work with Red Kite Teaching Training they were well prepared. Red Kite were superbly supportive throughout the process.

It was hard to believe our Future Teaching Scholars had only just graduated; they were stunning! So good, in fact, the school has employed both on a permanent basis.

Both are a central part of their departments and fully contribute to the wider life of the school; we missed them terribly when they were on their second placement.

I would recommend the employment of Future Teaching Scholars without reservation; their experience in schools gave them a great start and the recruitment onto the programme is clearly stringent – both Scholars are highly qualified and highly talented individuals.