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Don Stewart Tribute

As a life-long learner Don Stewart inspired students and teachers as a admirable maths educator.

It has now been a year since Don Steward, whom many may remember through his keynotes to teachers and the wonderful resources he had published, sadly passed away.

Don inspired students and teachers as a superb maths educator for over 40 years, collecting, trialling, and disseminating ideas for effective learning. Don was actively engaged in mathematics education discussion via online articles, his personal blog and talks for Maths Hubs and several mathematics subject associations.

He was extremely generous, always willing to give up his time to answer questions or provide materials and ideas for others.

Don Steward is sadly missed by all in the mathematics education community.

We highly recommend Don’s blog MEDIAN to our Scholars and maths teachers, which Don created as a freely available resource and has since been used by teachers across the globe, continuing his legacy and passion for mathematics.