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Scholar Stories – first weeks of ITT

“I’m so glad to finally be teaching in front of my own classes!”

The second cohort of Future Teaching Scholars programme has now started their Initial Teacher Training (ITT). Scholar Annie Bevan is sharing her experience.

“I’m so glad to finally be teaching in front of my own classes! The maths department at HACH all have been so welcoming and helpful with answering any questions I have. I feel quite lucky as I have a NQT in the department as well, so he has been able to help me out quite a lot as he knows what it was like last year.

“I had to deal with a safeguarding and pastoral issue the first week of term which has been resolved, but it was a really good learning experience. I could act on the system of reporting an issue and finding out the outcome.

We are extremely proud of all our FTS Scholars who continue to impress with their enthusiasm and determination. They are passionate subject specialists with three years’ experience, who are committed to effective teaching and learning,

If your school has appropriate vacancies for scholars to complete their Initial Teacher Training (ITT) then please get in touch with us.