About the Future Teaching Scholars programme

The Future Teaching Scholars programme is a six-year full-time support package for talented maths and physics students, offering a unique route into teaching. Funded by the Department for Education, the programme is split into two main phases:

  1. Years 1 to 3 – Undergraduate study
  2. Years 4 to 6 – Employment-based training and early career support

This programme represents the most innovative route into teaching, structured around bringing outstanding subject knowledge into the classrooms in a way no other programme does. These scholars already show evidence against the Teaching Standards which other trainees do not develop until later in their ITT years.

– Emily Giubertoni, Regional Training Director, Bishop Challoner Catholic College

Please note that the Future Teaching Scholars programme is closed to new applicants, and all Scholars are currently in employment in schools across England.

Years 1 to 3 – Undergraduate study

Throughout the first three years of the programme, our Scholars undertook their degree studies and received a grant of £5,000 at the beginning of each academic year.

During this time, Scholars are allocated to their nearest Regional Training Centre (RTC), which are outstanding Teaching Schools that host Regional Training Days and support sessions. As part of this support, Scholars receive numerous in-school teaching experiences across a variety of schools to build confidence in the classroom environment ahead of the second phase of the programme.

Years 4 to 6 – Employment-based training and early career support

Once Scholars graduate, they then begin their Initial Teacher Training (Year 4) in a salaried position at a school in their chosen region of the country. The programme supports Scholars in their search for vacancies to ensure that they can start their ITT year upon graduation.

As Scholars achieve Qualified Teacher Status and enter their ECT years (Years 5 and 6) they continue to receive support from their RTC, as well as development opportunities including exclusive National Conferences which are hosted by the Future Teaching Scholars programme.

Nurturing a new generation of maths & physics teachers

A Future Teaching Scholar is a passionate subject specialist that is committed to the teaching profession. They knew they wanted to become a teacher before starting their degree, and receive continued support and training from a DfE-funded programme until the end of their early career teacher (ECT) years.

We were really impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of the applicant we recruited. It is clear that the programme is an excellent way to find and nurture talent.

– Chris Ellison, Head of Maths at Kennet School

As talented and enthusiastic young teachers, our Scholars continue to develop at a rapid pace. Some of our Scholars have even been promoted to roles including Deputy Head of Maths and Mastery Lead whilst still on the programme. You can find out more about the achievements of our Scholars by exploring our Scholar Stories.

All of our Scholars are currently in employment. If your school would be interested in learning more about the programme or employing a Scholar for their ECT years, please do contact us.

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