Scholar Stories

Meet our Scholars

  • Felicia hebbes

    Felicia Hebbes

    "I never expected I would be able to plan a 50-minute lesson in 2 hours, but now it feels natural to ask for opportunities to practice and learn"

  • Corin allen

    Corin Allen

    "Coming back to a school to a warmer greeting and even more willingness to learn each day made me excited to get back to teaching every morning."

  • Rosie smart

    Rosie Smart

    "I believe that the ability to show students the aspects of physics, from the quandaries of the quantum realm to the grace of space, is what brings such interest to teaching physics."

  • Harvey kemp

    Harvey Kemp

    "I wanted to inspire others with the same love of learning, intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for physics as I have"

  • Jamie morgan

    Jamie Morgan

    "There has been so much support both in and out of the classroom meaning the apprehension I once had about being the teacher has gone"

  • Luke berry

    Luke Berry

    "Maths is such a broad and interesting subject - the more people who can experience this and find some enjoyment from it, the better!"

  • Luke clark

    Luke Clark

    "It’s a really rewarding experience and each day in the classroom is completely different; witnessing a student’s face light up when they grasp a difficult topic might then be followed by seeing another student completely engaged and excited by the subject. "

  • Hannah ellison

    Hannah Ellison

    "Teaching is the career I wish to pursue as it allows me to face new challenges on a day-to-day basis. I believe teachers have a huge responsibility and I would love to be part of this challenge."

Have I got what it takes?

Have I got what it takes?

  • Are you passionate about maths or physics?
  • Do you enjoy solving problems?
  • Do you work well with other people?
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