Will Finney

UniversityLancaster University

“The Future Teaching Scholars programme has been instrumental in preparing me for a successful career in teaching.”

I am currently in the final year of the FTS programme and teach physics at Biddenham International School in Bedfordshire. I have also had the opportunity to teach maths and computer science which I have really enjoyed.

The Future Teaching Scholars programme has played a significant role in the success I have had in my teaching career so far. It facilitated valuable teaching experience that allowed me to build confidence and it has provided me with access to a supportive network of fellow Scholars and mentors, who have offered guidance and advice throughout my journey. The programme has also offered me opportunities for professional development and further education, through its research modules and reading materials.

Through FTS, I have gained a deeper understanding of the teaching profession and have developed important skills in effective practice and reflective learning. Overall, the Future Teaching Scholars programme has been instrumental in preparing me for a successful career in teaching and I am grateful for the support and opportunities it has provided.

Creation of revision resource

The 50” is a set of 50 questions that are designed to test the fundamental concepts in GCSE physics and I have embedded them into all of my KS4 lessons. To help students learn the answers I developed the website, the50.cloud. This allows students to try and answer the questions in a multiple-choice format and it will highlight to the student the questions that they need to work on.┬áIn addition to the multiple-choice questions, I have added a maths section that tests students on all of the formulae in the OCR specification.

There has been really positive feedback from my students, and I have seen the impact it has had on their learning. In particular, I have seen significant progress with my lower ability groups and their confidence with using physics formulae. Some students dramatically improved their test scores following answering maths questions they previously would not have attempted.